Technological solutions for hotels

Selection of an ideal solution in the development and implementation of innovative and advanced hotel technologies. One of the tasks of “Asimetrik KZ” Company is the selection of ideal solution in the development and implementation of innovative and advanced hotel technologies, which include:

  • hotel safety improvement;

  • quality of service improvement;

  • service delivery acceleration.

Design, supply, installation and commissioning

Manufacturer:(Crestron, Zennio)

We offer a full range of innovations for hotel industry and the most advanced technological solutions in room automation:

  • room access control systems;

  • lighting, curtains and blinds control;

  • portable control device;

  • remote dispatch control;

  • network TV and other functions control such as alarm clock and room status;

  • cloud-based hotel management;

  • climate control systems management;

  • heating, ventilation and air conditioning control.

  • We construct these systems on Crestron, Zennio, Vivid, iLight, Hager equipments, etc.

Company’s specialists are ready to accompany and provide full assistance to our clients in developing hotel technologies, as well as to offer consultations on hotel business innovations at all project stages, so that you fully meet the requirements of modern hotel industry.

Advanced hotel technologies will allow their owners to pre-estimate desires and improve the quality of service in the shortest possible time. Customers will be positively impressed with hotel and it will increase the number of guests.

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