Stage mechanization

Modern stage is a complex set combining computer-controlled lighting equipment, perfect mechanics that allow to easily change the scenery in an instant, as well as to transform the stage beyond recognition. All this turns the event into an extraordinary performance that a viewer watches with pleasure. We will quickly and efficiently perform work on design, supply, installation and stage mechanism system commissioning of any complexity.

Our company provides equipment for modern stage based on high-quality equipment from Desisty and Gala manufacturers.

We provide for your use:

  • curtain mechanisms;

  • winches;

  • flying bars;

  • lighting hoists;

  • turning and overlay tables and ring;

  • acting sites, cauldron traps;

  • mobile gantry mechanism;

  • stage dressing;

  • equipment control systems.

We will provide reliable and safe modern stage design options for your project. We will prepare the equipment, install it and help to implement all technical ideas.

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