Karaoke machines

Karaoke machine is an equipment associated with a holiday. It can be home, semi-professional and professional - all depends on equipment availability and completeness verification and tape layout.

  1. MIDI is a sound recorded by using synthesizers, which is a good alternative for 90s music, but does not sound as modern electronic hits.

  2. MP-3 or sound file, which can vary greatly in quality. The clearest sound file is the one that performer makes available for use.

  3. CD+G is a lyrics video file against clip background or just suitable pictures.

Each song versions are also different:

  • online karaoke;

  • disc karaoke based on LG DVD karaoke;

  • modern MadBoy disc karaoke, microphones and speaker acoustic system specifically for karaoke.

In addition, new generation professional karaoke systems are developed taking into account all desires of customers. But their main difference is in the number of phonograms that can be selected according to lyrics, as well as using a special mobile application. This makes it possible to find best decisions for using karaoke systems in clubs, bars and VIP-class restaurants, as well as at home.

We use equipment from Evolution, RCF, QSC, Sennheiser, etc. brands to develop karaoke systems

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