Smart Home system

Progress is non-stop, and special software now helps to fully control the internal home life support. A well-coordinated and fully interdependent connections between all devices is called the “Smart Home” system.

Thanks to the installation of such a system, you will ensure yourself a safe life, since all processes will be fully automated.

We use equipment of such manufacturers as Crestron, Interra, Vivid, iLight, Hager.

Smart home organizes:

  • accurate and well-coordinated work of all life support systems;

  • full home control;

  • home video monitoring;

  • home online monitoring;

  • will improve all processes at home for your convenience, depending on day time or mood.

The intelligent system will create maximum comfort for its owner and his family. Our company will install, help set up “Smart Home” system and provide consulting support on all questions regarding the intelligent system. Our company guarantees quality installation of system within the period stipulated.

“Smart Home” will combine all communications in the house and leave its work to powerful intelligent electronics. This guarantees a clear interaction and customization for all home residents’ desires and constructions.

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