Each event needs high-quality sound accompaniment. It may be done through professional equipment selection, reliable equipment, proper connection and settings.

Currently, it is impossible to imagine theaters, nightclubs, discos and concert halls without spectacular and professional lighting.

To display visual information in front of the audience

Modern stage is a complex set combining computer-controlled lighting equipment, perfect mechanics that allow to easily change the scenery in an instant, as well as to transform the stage beyond recognition. All this turns the event into an extraordinary performance that a viewer watches with pleasure.

Nowadays, conference systems are necessary equipment for meeting rooms, seminars and conferences, congresses of various organizations and other events. Effective and productive interaction between participants requires a high-quality conference system with reliable equipment.

For sports events of both national and international level at stadiums, arenas, sports palaces, sports complexes, and swimming pools.

A range of services in equipping public and private media facilities

Selection of an ideal solution in the development and implementation of innovative and advanced hotel technologies

Progress is non-stop, and special software now helps to fully control the internal home life support. A well-coordinated and fully interdependent connections between all devices is called the “Smart Home” system.

Karaoke machine is an equipment associated with a holiday. It can be home, semi-professional and professional - all depends on equipment availability and completeness verification and tape layout.

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